France coach calls for two referees in Ligue 1 matches
Updated: 2006-09-25 20:49

PARIS, Sept 25 - France coach Raymond Domenech has called for two referees on the pitch in Ligue 1 matches after a string of controversial decisions.

"I'm in favour of two referees on the pitch and more coordination between them and the assistant referees," Domenech said in a video interview broadcast on the Web site of the French Football Federation (FFF) on Monday.

Referees in Ligue 1 have been asked this season to grant penalties whenever there is any shirt pulling or impeding contact in the area.

As a result, there has been a string of penalties since the start of the season, including three in Paris St Germain's 3-1 home defeat by arch-rivals Olympique Marseille earlier this month.

"There is the rule and there is the spirit of the game," Domenech said. "If the referees apply the rule strictly, we're going to have 50 penalties per game."

Domenech suggested French referees should follow the example of English Premier League officials who are not quite as strict when it comes to brushes in the box.

"I'm not saying the games in England are better but at least there is always something happening because play is not being stopped all the time," he said.