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Handbook issued for Chinese "World Cup" fans
Updated: 2006-06-01 14:04

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a manual on the safety of watching soccer games for Chinese soccer fans departing for Germany to watch the World Cup on Tuesday.

The handbook warns Chinese soccer fans to keep themselves away from "soccer hooligans" and especially emphasizes that Chinese fans should obey local traffic rules.

This circular titled "Instructions on Safety of Watching World Cup and Tourism" reminds Chinese soccer fans to stay away from "soccer hooligans" and not to hang out at places where soccer fans gather, in particular the pub areas. In case there were accidents or riots in the stadium or other public locations, follow the arrangement made by the police and leave the spot as soon as possible.

It may seem difficult for some passionate fans to observe such instructions. Based on statistics of the Germany government, during the World Cup, over 3.5 million of soccer fans and tourists from all over the world will swarm to Germany to enjoy the games. It is always the fans' tradition to have a cup of beer after watching the games.

Moreover, since Chinese citizens often run the red light, the manual requires Chinese fans to abide by local traffic rules and pay attention to traffic safety. It also asks the fans to use the crosswalks and act according to the traffic lights when crossing the road.

Finally, the manual reminds Chinese soccer fans of keeping each other company if they go out after dark and keeping their distance from suspicious strangers as soon as possible so as to stay safe from evildoers' assaults.

In addition,the guidebook also makes a list of all emergency telephone numbers for the fans to contact related departments given by the Chinese embassy in Germany during the World Cup.