Zhang Yimou passes as singer-songwriter
Updated: 2009-11-11 19:29

Zhang Yimou passes as singer-songwriter

Chinese film director Zhang Yimou (second from right) promotes his new movie "Amazing Tales: Three Guns" with cast members Xiao Shen Yang (L1) and Mao Mao (L2) during a TV show hosted by Bi Fujian (right) in Beijing on November 10, 2009. [Photo: CFP]

I'm Just Fictional" ("Wo Zhi Shi Ge Chuan Shuo"), theme song for Zhang Yimou's new movie, "Amazing Tales: Three Guns".

Zhang Yimou is known by many as China's top filmmaker. However, few people know that he writes lyrics too.

'Three Guns' Trailer The director of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony has written a song called "I'm Just Fictional" ("Wo Zhi Shi Ge Chuan Shuo") for the soundtrack of his new movie, "Amazing Tales: Three Guns".

But this is not Zhang's songwriting debut. He wrote a song for his 1987 film "Red Sorghum", which garnered the top Golden Bear award at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1988.

The new song is a collaboration with composer Zhao Lin, who described the music as a combination of rap, disco and heavy metal.

Zhang Yimou also lends his voice to the song, rapping in his native Shaanxi dialect. "Amazing Tales: Three Guns" lead actor Xiao Shen Yang is the other singer.

"Amazing Tales: Three Guns" is Zhang's first film since the Oscar-nominated 2006 spectacular "Curse of the Golden Flower". The release date is set for December 11.

The black comedy revolves around a restaurant owner who hires a killer to murder his cheating wife and her lover, which leads to an unexpected ending.

Zhang has said his film is a remake of Joel and Ethan Coen's 1985 crime thriller "Blood Simple". He bought the adaptation rights in January this year.

Although some critics see Zhang's choice to adapt an American film as a lack of creativity, movie-goers have high expectations for Zhang's return after "Curse of the Golden Flower", which was the top-grossing Chinese-language film of 2006.