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Updated: 2009-10-17 10:16


Hollywood to Broadway

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This 90-minute live show presents highlights from 40 Broadway musicals and Hollywood movies. It's an original production of a Chinese performance, but the show is completely in English, featuring a cast and directors from the United States.

Until Jan 31, 7:30 pm,

Shanghai Centre Theatre

1376 Nanjing Road W, 4F


Tel: 3126-5559

Tickets: 180-1,080 yuan


The Slovak National Dance Company is coming to China for the first time to present its gala show Julibleum. The theater served as a cultural ambassador back in the 1940s and has already toured more than 60 countries and given over 10,000 performances. As a symbol of Slovak art, it performed at the World Expo in Italy and broadcast the country's unique culture on a global stage.

Oct 27, 7:15 pm

Shanghai Grand Theatre

300 Renmin Avenue


Tel: 6386-8686

Tickets: 100-600 yuan

Argentine tango

"The Day an Angel Came to Buenos Aires" is a dance drama performed by Argentine artists. The love story between an angel and an ordinary woman takes place in 1940's Buenos Aires, with the tango serving as the magical conduit enabling the momentary fusion of body and soul.

Oct 28, 7:15 pm

Shanghai Grand Theatre

300 Renmin Avenue


Tel: 6272-0446

Tickets: 150-680 yuan

Philips Symphony Orchestra

The Philips Symphony Orchestra is coming to Shanghai to show what has kept it and its 100 professional musicians in business for the last century. Testament to the orchestra's success, it has its own concert hall and the best recording company in the world.

Oct 28, 7:30 pm

Shanghai Oriental Art Center

425 Dingxiang Road


Tel: 6854-1234

Carmina Burana

Argentine dance master Inaki Urlezaga used to be a principle dancer with the Royal Ballet in London and with the Dutch National Ballet. He is leading Argentina's Ballet Concerto to the Shanghai International Art Festival later this month to showcase two projects: "The Day an Angel Came to Buenos Aires", a dance drama featuring the tango, and "Carmina Burana", adapted from the oritario of the same title by German composer Carl Orff.

Oct 29, 7:15 pm

Shanghai Grand Theatre

300 Renmin Avenue


Tel: 6433-4236, 6437-6619

Tickets: 150-680 yuan

Soul of Shaolin

Soul of Shaolin is a play featuring Chinese kung-fu. It tells about a boy born in warring years who is raised by monks at China's Shaolin Temple. After 20 successful shows on Broadway and a Tony nomination, it is now coming to Shanghai for a three-performance run.

Oct 29-31, 7:15 pm

Shanghai Theater Academy

630 Huashan Road


Tel: 962-388, 5428-3027


Mizuno Ryo

Japanese artist Mizuno Ryo, who draws allegorical cartoon images of dolls, is being featured at the Shun Art Gallery. The dolls often have exaggerated facial features or weird props or markings on their face, such as a giant foot mark. In all 1,000 pieces are or display.

Until Nov 8

Shun Art Gallery

Rm103 & 208, Building No 3, 50 Moganshan Road


Tel: 5252-7198


Can a painting speak for itself? This is a question continually posed by artist Mao Yanyang. Painted with finesse of realism, the works of this artist concern various social, cultural and political problems, from environmental protection to the injustices of war, social misfits and "Hollywoodism".

Until Oct 23

Art Scene Warehouse, 2F, Building 4B, 50 Moganshan Road


Tel: 6277-4940

Drawing Hand

The exhibition, which is dedicated to drawing, takes the complete floor of 18 Gallery, temporarily transforming it into a cabinet of curiosities, a clandestine production workshop, an official and unofficial showcase of contemporary drawings. Visit the show as if going for a treasure hunt. It's a game that everyone can enjoy, artists as well as visitors.

Until Nov 12

18 Gallery, 4F, Bund 18


Tel: 6323-7066

Norman Bethune

Montreal Garden in Century Park presents a permanent exhibition of the life experience of Norman Bethune, a Canadian surgeon who came to China and served the Chinese army during World War II, before dying on the job because of an accidental infection.

Montreal Garden, Century Park Gate 7, 809 Huamu Road


Up a Notch

NOTCH09 Festival is the 4th installment of the NOrdic + CHinese Festival. This is the only local festival to be run simultaneously in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and aims to promote new thinking and cross-disciplinary work in art, music, design and architecture through exchanges between creative talents in China and Nordic countries. From Oct 27 until the end of November, NOTCH 09' will provide a comprehensive program of futuristic audio-visual performances, design and architectural exhibitions from Nordic countries.



Wine Race

A thrilling wine storm from Chile is scheduled to hit Shanghai this November. The Wine Race festival is launched by ProChile to promote its country image. The competition is divided into individual and group races, special races, because speed is not the only criteria in secure a win. In the competition, contestants will hold a tray with full cups of wines and run back and forth the track. The runners who reach the destination first and spill as little wine as possible will be the winners. This event will take place at the Super Brand Mall in the Pudong New Area on November 7. People can apply to the mailbox:

Tel: 4007-2005-06


Daning music festival

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The second Daning Music Festival will be held at Daning-Lifehub, featuring original music from all over China. You can log on the website: and win one of the 200 tickets given for free every day, or you can arrive at the venue sometime earlier, and take a table in a restaurant or caf near the stage. Musicians featured on each night are: 7:30 pm, Oct 24, Zheng Jun; 7:30 pm, Oct 25, Cao Fang; 7;30 pm, Oct 31, Zhong Lifeng and Su Yang; 7:30 pm, Nov 1, Xu Wei.

Daning-Lifehub 1878 Gonghexin Road


Dutch design

Contemporary avant-garde designers from the Netherlands has won high recognition in the world. The touring exhibition features creation from 11 best Dutch designing studios, including graphic design, books, multimedia installation, interactive maps, architects, industrial products, and so on. A discussion forum will be held on Sunday afternoon, when the designers will share their ideas with the audiences.

Until Oct 24,10 am - 5 pm

Duolun Museum of Modern Art 27 Duolun Road


Tel: 6587-2530