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Zac Efron's female film role
Updated: 2009-06-04 10:51

Zac Efron's female film role
Zac Efron poses for photographers as she arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of the film "The Hangover" at Grauman's Chinese theatre in Hollywood, California, June 2, 2009. [Agencies]


Zac Efron wants to wear women's clothing.

The 21-year-old actor is so desperate to star alongside girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens in upcoming film 'Sucker Punch', he would consider cross-dressing.

Zac told E!: "I think it's an all-girl movie. But if there's any way to be in that film, I'd do it. I'd play a girl if I had to." Vanessa, 20, is thrilled to be starring in the action movie, which also stars Abbie Cornish and will be directed by 'Watchmen' director Zach Snyder.

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Speaking on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night (31.05.09), she gushed: "I'm so stoked about it. I kept telling everyone, 'I want to do an action film'. But they were like, 'Maybe in a few years.' So I'm like, 'Ha, in your face. I am doing one now!' " While Vanessa is shooting her first fight scenes in Montreal, Canada, Zac is in Los Angeles filming scenes for the next series of TV show 'Entourage'.

The teen heartthrob was spotted with the programme's film crew at the Niketown store in Beverly Hills yesterday morning (02.06.09).

A source said: "He was filming a scene and talking on his cell phone. None of the other 'Entourage' cast was there. He was really nice and friendly." Lil Wayne, LeBron James, Tom Brady and Aaron Sorkin will also appear as themselves in the TV show's sixth season, which is due to air later this year.