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Jay-Z's designer rider
Updated: 2009-05-15 13:40

Jay-Z's designer rider
Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce Knowles watch the New York Knicks play the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first quarter of their NBA basketball game at Madison Square Garden in New York, November 25, 2008. [Agencies]

Jay-Z demands $400,000 luxury cars and rooms heated to a specific temperature on his rider.

It has been claimed the rapper requests a chauffeured late-model black Maybach car, while his dressing room must be heated to 72 degrees Fahrenheit and have "adequate" relaxed lighting. In addition, Jay-Z requires supplies of Sapporo beer, vodka, tequila, two bottles of $300 champagne, two bottles of expensive 2004 Sassicaia red wine and a pack of Marlboro Lights cigarettes, according to expose website The Smoking Gun.

He also requests "good quality" peanut butter and grape jam, two fruit platters, chicken, cheese, one martini shaker and 12 shot glasses.

At a recent concert at the University of Arizona - for which he was paid $750,000 - organisers refused to comply with his requests, declining to supply him with alcohol, cigarettes or the luxury car.

Jay-Z is not the only star to make a long list of demands before agreeing to play a show. Rihanna recently issued a 38-page list of requests for a now-scrapped show in the United Arab Emirates, which included anti-bacterial soap, three lemons and several teaspoons.