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Andy Lau to marry Carol Zhu in April?
Updated: 2009-02-25 15:56

Andy Lau to marry Carol Zhu in April?

Hong Kong famous singer-actor Andy Lau was reported to have watched Olympic events with Carol Zhu last year. [Photo:]

Although Hong Kong's Heavenly King star Andy Lau has long denied being in a relationship with former Malaysian beauty queen Ms. Carol Zhu Liqian, a media report says the two may wed in April.

Hong Kong East Week Magazine published a full coverage of the pop singer on Tuesday, claiming Andy Lau will marry 43 year old Carol Zhu, who has been his girlfriend for 24 years, in April.

Carol Zhu's aunt disclosed to a neighbor that "Carol will marry soon, she will finally marry the star she has been waiting for so long ..." the article writes.

Earlier in this month, the two were spotted dining together in matching white suits at a restaurant in Malaysia, with some of Zhu's family members. These photos were published by East Week Magazine.

Andy Lau recently discreetly indicated that he planned to get some private things done this year, drawing more media attention to himself again.

The wedding will likely take place on April 6, Carol Zhu's 43rd birthday, reports say.

The Heavenly King star made a secret trip to Malaysia on May 10, 2008 to attend Carol Zhu's sister's wedding dinner, where he sang two songs and made a quick ten-minute appearance.

So far, Andy Lau has not given out any comments on the news.

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