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Jolin Goes professional in fashion
Updated: 2009-02-16 10:42

Jolin Goes professional in fashion

Taiwan pop star Jolin Tsai with fashion models [Photo:]

Next time you're shopping and come across a shirt with a tag that reads "Designed by Jolin Tsai", believe your eyes.

The Taiwan pop diva has launched a line of street and casual wear in collaboration with the upscale American department store Saks Fifth Avenue, Wen Wei Po newspaper reported on Friday.

Tsai traveled to New York earlier this week to unveil her designs for the clothing line "Seventy Two Changes", named after her 2003 smash-hit album "See My 72 Changes/Magic".

The star says she has always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. "Now my dream has come true," Tsai told the media.

"Seventy Two Changes" includes almost 100 designs. It will be put on sale starting from July in seven metropolises including New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Prices will range from a few hundred yuan to several thousand.

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