Chen Chusheng formally breaks up with E.E media
Updated: 2009-01-13 15:01

Chen Chusheng formally breaks up with E.E media

Chen Chusheng [File Photo:]

Chinese singer and champion of the 2007 "Super Boy" singing competition, Chen Chusheng, filed an legal arbitration last week to unilaterally terminate his contract with management firm E.E Media, reported the Chongqing Economic Times.

The wrangling between the super boy and E.E. Media was reportedly due to an earlier intentional exposure of his private life by the media which Chen thought improper and refused to allow it to be linked to the development of his singing career.

For that reason, Chen Chusheng quit a live New Year concert of Hunan Satellite Television on December 31, 2008, at which he was scheduled to sing three songs as a highlight of the show. He never came back following that walk-out.

The singer was out of contact the following week, "staying with some good friends", he claimed. On January 7, he released a statement, saying "I will be responsible for my behaviour and will explain everything at the right time."

However, an insider was quoted as saying that Chen Chusheng may face a compensation of up to ten million yuan for his tearing-up of the contract.

E.E Media also made an announcement on January 8, warning it would defend its legal right.

The star-generating empire behind the phenomenally popular Super Girl and Super Boy singing competitions represents many contestant-turned-singers including pop idol Li Yuchun.