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Daniel Radcliffe's rising role
Updated: 2008-12-03 11:02

Daniel Radcliffe's rising role
Daniel Radcliffe says it "would be great" to get an erection on stage while performing in 'Equus'.

The 19-year-old actor strips off in the controversial play about a boy with a partly religious, partly sexual fascination with horses, and admits he would feel more comfortable if the audience saw his manhood in all its glory.

The 'Harry Potter' actor, who is currently appearing in New York's Broadway theatre district, said: "A friend asked me once, 'Are you worried about getting an erection on stage?'

I said, 'No, that would be great!' Rather the opposite takes place actually." Daniel admits he will never get used to baring all on stage.

He added: "The play was there to do. Someone had to do it. If you take the job, you take everything that comes with it. "It's never going to be the most comfortable thing to be naked in front of people on stage. Personally, it's not my thing.

For some people it's great - but not for me." Daniel spent 18 months preparing his body for the role of mentally disturbed Alan Strang because he "knew he would be appearing naked".

He also employed a vocal coach to strengthen his voice before starting the original London run of the production.

Daniel can next be seen in new movie 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' which is due for a July 2009 release.