Tommy Lee's Depp dream
Updated: 2008-07-24 11:22

Tommy Lee's Depp dream

Rapper Ludacris (R) and rock drummer Tommy Lee, stars of the new series "Battleground Earth:Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee" on Planet Green, a new 24 hour television network promoting eco-friendly lifestyles and entertainment appear on stage at a concert celebrating the network in Los Angeles May 28, 2008. The network premieres June 4 in the US. [Agencies]

Tommy Lee wants Johnny Depp to play him in a film. The Motley Crue rocker - who has two children with ex-wife Pamela Anderson - insists the Oscar-nominated actor would be the perfect star to portray him.

He said: "Johnny Depp would be my choice to play me. He's the best ever." Tommy also revealed he is currently in talks with movie producers to start shooting the film, which will be based on the story of Motley Crue.

He added: "We're working on it. Trying to find the right producers and director and all that sort of stuff!" It was recently revealed Tommy - who reconciled with Pamela last month - has naked pictures of the former 'Baywatch' actress on his cell phone.

A friend of Tommy's revealed: "Tommy is as proud to be Pammie's man as he was when they first got together. Pammie may be 41 but she still looks every inch the Playboy bunny she was and Tommy has the proof. "If you're really nice to him, apparently he'll even show you!"

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