Madonna has had a facelift, says her brother
Updated: 2008-07-16 11:09

Madonna has had a facelift, says her brother

Madonna has had a facelift, says her brother Christopher Ciccone. Christopher, who has written a book entitled 'Life With My Sister Madonna' alleges the singer - who turns 50 in August - went under the knife in a bid to maintain her youthful appearance.

When asked if he still recognised Madonna from the girl he grew up with, Christopher replied: "Not after the facelift." He added to US TV show 'Good Morning America': "I do recognise her in some ways, but I think ultimately she is a lonely person. It is truly lonely at the top." Christopher recalled the moment his relationship with Madonna - who is married to director Guy Ritchie - started to deteriorate, during the filming of her 1991 documentary 'Truth Or Dare'.

He said: "When she was rolling around on my mother's grave in 'Truth or Dare' that was a turning point for me. I kept it inside but I thought, 'OK, there are no boundaries here. My mother has now become a bit player in her life story', That hurt me, my relationship with her changed."

Christopher says despite his revelations about the singer, he is hopeful they will mend their relationship in the future, so he can get to know his extended family. He said: "I think she will speak to me again, I hope so, but I don't want to talk to her unless we are talking to each other as equals.

And if that means she stays together with her husband and we don't have a relationship then as long as she is happy that's cool with me. "What I'm suggesting is that Guy's attitude towards me has to change, number one, and her attitude towards me needs to change, number two.

If those things occur, I would like to get to know my niece and nephew better and I would like to meet their adopted son David. "I love my sister, more than love her. I love her, but it will take some time for us to find our way back to a good place and I hope it does."

Madonna has an 11-year-old daughter, Lourdes, from a previous relationship. She and Guy have a seven-year-old son Rocco and an adopted son, David, two.