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Industry advantages

Updated : 2018-08-22
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Convenient Transportation

BDA has become a transportation hub connecting various ports and logistics centers, thanks to advanced and efficient modern transportation methods.


You can get here via the Beijing-Kaifeng Highway, Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Highway and the No 104 National Highway.


Several railways meet here, including the Beijing-Tianjin Railway and Beijing-Shanghai Railway. Subway Lines Daxing and Yizhuang have made it convenient to commute from BDA to central areas of the city of Beijing.


It only takes about half an hour to drive to the Beijing Capital International Airport from BDA. A second international airport is under construction in the southern part of BDA.

BDA is only 150 kilometers away from Tianjin Port, which is the largest port in northern China.

Sound Infrastructure

BDA strives to offer a state of the art investment environment with its sound infrastructures. It has a sewage treatment plant, transformer substation, and central heating plants. It also has a rainwater pipeline, sewage pipeline, natural gas pipeline and heat pipeline. Part of the area is covered by McWill Wifi.

Quality Services

There is a "one stop" service hall in BDA, which can offer individualized, professional and tailored services. Here you can find customs, businesses, taxes, drug supervision, public security and fire protection, post offices, telecom bureaus and banks. It also offers apartments for experts and young professionals who work in the area.

BDA is accelerating its building of financing platforms. It is establishing the Beijing Yizhuang International Development Co, to offer financial support for enterprises and newly settled projects.

BDA has a lot of five-star hotels, such as Pullman Beijing South, Beijing Jinjiang Fuyuan Hotel. It also has convenient hotels which are lower in price. All these hotels can offer venues for conferences, academic exchanges and business negotiations.

Many middle schools, such as Daxing No 1 School, offer quality education for teenagers who live in BDA. Institutes such as the Chinese People's Public Security University and Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication offer good higher education. There are also vocational education bases that offer employees the means to gain more skills.

BDA is working to improve its medical services system by setting up hospitals of all kinds including international hospitals, public hospitals and neighborhood hospitals. They include Beiijng Tongren Hospital (South Branch), Daxing TCM Hospital and Yizhuang Hospital. These medical service agencies can provide quality services to employees working in the area.

Living Blocks

BDA has developed to become an integral part of Beijing. It can meet the living demands of people with different expectations. Living blocks such as Lincoln Park have created a favorable living environment while high-end neighborhoods such as Dear Villa offer quality living places for people with higher incomes.

BDA also rents houses to company employees at very low prices and offers them with quality services.

Cultural Creativity

Nanhaizi Suburb Park, BDA International Enterprises Cultural Park, and Boda Park are open to the public. Thus BDA is more livable with green areas surrounding it.

BDA also boasts numerous tourists' spots such as Beijing Safari Zoo, Deer Musuem, and the Chinese Cultural Park. Over 200 agricultural sightseeing spots are located here. There is also a quality golf field, sports center, ice sports center, cinemas and libraries.

BDA also hosts different cultural recreation activities at different seasons. It hosts pear festivals in the Spring, a Watermelon Festival in Summer and a Grape Festival in Autumn. In winter, BDA usually hosts flower exhibitions, making it a garden in the capital city.

Green Development

BDA attaches great importance to the coordinated development between industries and the environment and the construction of a society that values conservation. It sticks to the principal of low input, high achievement, low consumption and low emissions to achieve sustainable development.

It is a national demonstration area that has gained ISO 14000 recognition and is the first water conservation demonstration zone in Beijing. Sewage processing rates and dangerous water disposal rates are very high here.

A cluster of professionals

In order to bring in high-end professionals and highly-skilled people, BDA has launched more than 20 favorable policies for them including a policy named "Policy to encourage overseas Chinese to work in BDA". It hopes people can start their own companies or get employed in BDA.

There is a sub-branch of Beijing's Overseas Students Center, an innovation park for returned Chinese, a working station for post PhD and a business incubator for entrepreneurs, all of which are designed to facilitate professionals to achieve their ambitions in BDA.