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E-town's biomedical innovations

Updated : 2015-03-05
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E-town's biomedical innovations

Biological agent center, Beijing E-town, on Mar 4. [Photo/]

Bio-pharmaceutical Park, in the Beijing Economic Technological Development Area, or E-town, recently made a biological agent center available for all related enterprises in the zone, where they can bring products for trial production with help from a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in bio-agent R&D and share medical resources.

The center has brought a lot of convenience to E-town enterprises and this move is another example of the zone’s bio-pharmaceutical strategy, and gives E-town a complete technological innovation system for all steps of pharmaceutical R&D, to help its businesses, the zone's weekly E-Times reports.

The zone has set up several national bio-engineering research centers for human genome sequence mapping for North China and national research on virus biotechnology, and has become a leader of the country's biomedical business. It has also been developing industrial alliances and open services and has been improving its support for the industry with biomedical industrial parks and 17 public service sites that cover a wide range of biomedicine.

E-town says it expects to push large-scale production of new products from its enterprises and increase its biomedical product exports, while creating more brands and hopes to be a leader in high-tech biomedicines and a biomedical innovation with a global impact.