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Beidou mobile phone to be developed

Updated : 2014-09-29
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Following Luo Yonghao, who initiated “the world’s second easy-use mobile phone” and registered Smartisan in the development area, Tan Wensheng, inaugurator of Beidou Qingcong 960 – known as the world’s third easy-use 4G mobile phone – will also enter the development stage with the Beidou mobile phone, specifically in Mob/Fox Industrial Park, to become a new member of mobile Internet industry in the development area.

Beidou mobile phones are a series of products produced by the Beidouxing Mobile Phone Web and known for their high performance-to-cost ratio. Xiaolajiao and Qingcong series of overflow smartphones have been released and significantly influenced young shoppers.

Beidouxing Mobile Phone Web, born in 2000, has been engaged in the mobile phone industry for the past 14 years. It created the “mouse + cement” mode of online sales along with offline physical stores, continuously introducing fresh blood to reflect the new business model.

Besides, it has successfully introduced the F2C operation model and set the target of building an online phone shopping platform. Currently, it is the only open sale platform of mobile phones in China.

More than one million Beidou mobile phones were sold in 2013, among which there were over 300,000 Qingcong series of mobile phones.

Tan Wensheng said that its own platform also creates benefits. Strong product quality coupled with a smooth sales channel can result in lower prices at the same quality. The Beidou mobile phone is not afraid of the shock from a big brand.