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North Microelectronics works to go public

Updated : 2014-09-05
( Etimes )

From Sept 3 to 5, North Microelectronics appeared in Semicon Taiwan. North Microelectronics will exhibit ETCH, PVD and CVD technological equipment solutions tailored for integrated circuit, advanced packaging, semiconductor lighting and other industries.

Semicon Taiwan is an annual event of the Taiwan semiconductor industry. It gathers the most leading semiconductor technology manufacturers and is a platform for the semiconductor industry to help understand the industry trend, learn about the latest technology and establish business networks.

Semicon Taiwan connects with IC design, manufacturing, equipment, material and other links. It provides the most complete and forward-looking market trend and technology courses. Over 30,000 people visited there each year.

Geng Jinqi, vice-president of North Microelectronics, recently said: "(North Microelectronics is) expected to be listed within five years." North Microelectronics will accelerate efforts to build a national demonstration base of the integrated circuit equipment industry.

The integrated circuit industry is a basic industry that supports current scientific and technological development. CPUs, memorizers, mobile communications, digital audio and video, and many other devices related to life require wafers. North Microelectronics provides services for China's wafer enterprises and supplies integrated circuit etchers, semiconductor lighting etchers and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition equipment.

Geng Jinqi said that the highest level of foundry mass production now in the world is 28 nanotechnology. The 12 inch 28nm plasma silicon etcher researched and developed independently by North Microelectronics fully passed the process of technology certification for the production line of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation at the beginning of the year, and customer orders were attained, symbolizing that the localization of China's high-end integrated circuit equipment has made a breakthrough.

Geng Jinqi held that North Microelectronics will then significantly integrate the integrated circuit equipment industry resources inside and outside the system with the support of national industry resources while striving to be listed within five years to reduce dependence on government funds.