Tianjin University establishes database for rebuilding ancient ships

Co-hosted by Tianjin University Ocean Media Laboratory and Ningde Jiaocheng district, the opening ceremony of the ancient ship reconstruction program was launched on June 8. more>>

Tianjin Normal University takes in woodblock printing

Wei Lizhong, curator of Hangzhou Shizhuzhai Art Gallery and the inheritor of woodblock printing, came to Tianjin Normal University to give a speech about the inheritance and dissemination of national intangible cultural heritage-woodblock printing on Jan 8. more>>

Inheriting intangible cultural heritage in schools

From 2010, Tianjin Puyu School has put over one million yuan($150,000) into introducing intangible cultural heritage such as paper cuttings, Jingdong Dagu, Yangliuqing Prints. more>>

Editor's Note

Construction of Tianjin, the largest coastal city in North China, began in 1404.

After more than 600 years, Tianjin has grown into a metropolis mixing the East with the West. It has 80 intangible cultural heritages at city level, expressing the best of the city in art, dance, opera and a myriad of other forms.