How to Apply for an Exhibitor Pass


1. Rules

1) The Exhibitor Pass is good for the exhibitor himself/herself only. Transferring or altering the Pass is not allowed. Violators are subject to confiscation of this Pass.

2) Foreign exhibitors may apply for their Exhibitor Passes free of charge by presenting their valid passports. Each standard booth is allowed to have only 2 Exhibitor Passes for their Chinese employees.

3) Exhibitor's Passes must be applied for before the inauguration of the CAEXPO. Exhibitor's Passes will not be issued after the inauguration of the event.

2. Procedures

1) Group exhibitors: Applications for passes shall be made by group organizers before September 7. The liaison persons of the reception departments in Guangxi will provide assistance in pass application and delivery.

2) Individual exhibitors: Please log on the Participant Information Platform at, the CAEXPO official website, for online applications before August 27. After receiving a confirmation call from the CAEXPO Secretariat, the applicant can obtain the pass via the Green Channel at designated spot(s) by presenting a valid passport and CAEXPO Booth Confirmation before the inauguration of the CAEXPO.

3. Materials/Documents Needed for Application

1) For pre-CAEXPO pass application: recent passport e-photos (240×320 pixels, in JPG format, ≤50K), personal information (full name, passport number, name of company/organization and address, description of major exhibits) and the number of your CAEXPO Booth Confirmation.

2) An exhibiting enterprise may obtain its Exhibitor Passes after it pays for booth rental and goes through relevant examination and inspection procedures by the Exhibition Administration & Customer Service Center. The receipt must be presented to obtain the Passes.