How to Apply for a Contractor Pass


1. Deadline:

Contractors shall submit all needed materials for the application of the Contractor Pass before August 25th, 2015 (Tel: +86-771-5813012).

2. Materials/Documents Needed for Application

1) Photocopy of business license of the company (with company seal)

2) China-ASEAN Expo Requirement for Customer-built Booths (with signature and company seal)

3) List of Information of Workers and photocopies of ID Cards of the person(s) in charge

4) Photocopy of the 12th CAEXPO Booth Confirmation

5) Exhibitor's Entrusted Letter (for Contractor) (with company seal)

1)-5) are all needed for applying for Contractor Passes for the custom-built booths, while only 3)-4) are needed for standard booths.

3. Verification

The Exhibition Administration & Customer Service Center will examine the documents submitted and then issue the Contractor Passes to qualified contractors. Those who do not meet terms shall make amendments and adjustments in line with the feedback provided by the Exhibition Administration & Customer Service Center.

4. Delivery

1) A CAEXPO Contractor Pass may be obtained free of charge by a group organizer, exhibiting enterprise or his/her contracting company, which will not be delivered directly to the individual contractor.

2) The CAEXPO Contractor Pass will be delivered to a standard booth or custom-built booth that has proven qualified.

3) 2 Contractor Passes are issued for each standard booth, and 3 Passes for each 9 sqm of the custom-built booth(s).

5. Rules

The Contractor Pass shall not be altered, duplicated, lent, transferred or sold. Booth setup and decoration can only be done in your own booth. Should any violation occur, the contracting company concerned will have its qualification annulled and will be subject to punishment.