Tianxingshan National Forest Park

Updated: 2011-03-31 16:15
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Tianxingshan National Forest Park

Tianxingshan National Forest Park is located in Pingnan County, Fujian Province. It consists of the Longjing Guqiao Scenic Area and Xianshan Songhai Scenic Area. The total planned area of the park is 1861.90ha. The planned area of Longjing Guqiao Scenic Area is 1152.90ha. The planned area of Xianshan Songhai Scenic Area is 709.00ha. The park boasts rich and colorful forest tourism resources and is characterized by tranquil valleys, deep gullies, drifting clouds, luxurious vegetation, singing birds, fragrant flowers, gushing waterfalls and flowing springs. The natural scenery here is fantastic. Attractions are densely distributed in the park, unique in character and rich in variety.

The watery landscapes in the park have been diversified. The park is in the upper reaches of Huotong Creek and owns Jinzhao Creek, Baiyu Creek and Daxi Creek. The creek water is clear and clean. On the two sides of the creeks are green natural lawns and dense forests. The park also includes Yuzhao Lake, Tengxian Lake, the Feihong Waterfall and the famous Liyu Pool. Mountains, water, trees and springs enhance each other’s beauty. The tranquil valleys and deep gullies are shrouded in clouds and frogs. The waterfalls are enchanting. The springs are refreshing. The park is located in the fabulous mid-subtropical maritime monsoon climate zone and vertically affected by the mountain climate. Consequently, the four seasons are distinct and the meteorological landscapes are unique and spectacular. The Sunrise Hillock is the best place for watching the sunrise amid a sea of clouds. Whenever the morning sun rises slowly and sheds its glow, the peaks are immersed in mist and clouds. On the spring mornings, the wild flowers at the mountain’s feet form a delightful contrast with the white frogs in the valleys. On summer nights, the lamplight in the mountain villages and the stars and the moon in the sky make eyes at each other. Though not high, the scenery is great.

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