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Su--memorized by the city of Huanggang

Updated: 2010-09-28 10:13
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Huanggang is an agricultural city, home to part of the Dabie mountain range and the Red Cliff. The cliff owes its enduring fame to two pieces of prose by Su, who reflected on its role in the ancient battle.

Su--memorized by the city of HuanggangSu--memorized by the city of Huanggang

Yuebo Building (L) at the Red Cliff and a view of the Dabie Mountain range (R)

Today, several Huanggang landmarks are named after the poet and his works. Among them are the Hall of Two Fu's, the Pavilion of Dongpo's Immortal Poet and the Pavilion of Libation.

The Pavilion of Tablets houses 102 replica's of Su's calligraphy. Other nearby structures feature his trochee poem, Memories of the Past at Red Cliff, carved in stone and his painting Plums in the Moon.