Zhanggongxiang Kiln

By Yang Feiyue
Updated: 2010-09-20 16:37
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Ruzhou Zhanggongxiang, the official Kiln of the Northern Song Dynasty, sits at the junction between the city’s Dongnanyu Central Street and Zhanggongxiang. It covers 120,000 square meters, 20,000 of which are under special protection.

The relic was an important site for the porcelain making of the Song Dynasty. Porcelain fashioned here was specifically for the royal family.

The kiln was excavated three times from 2000 to 2004, and the unearthed relics turned out to belong to a wide variety of uses, from daily-use items to crafted artworks.

Porcelain-making tools and kiln furniture were also found at the site.

In July 2003, the relic was declared among the second batch of municipal key heritage conservation units, and confirmed by the State Council, in May 2006 as the sixth batch of key cultural relics under State protection.

Zhanggongxiang Kiln