China Ru Porcelain Festival to be held in Ruzhou,Henan

By Dong Jirong and Chen Zhilin
Updated: 2010-09-14 16:16
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The China (International) Ru Porcelain Festival, sponsored by the Publicity Department of Henan Provincial Committee of the CPC, is to be held from Sept.23 to 26 in Ruzhou, Henan province.

This is the first time that Ruzhou is hosting an international porcelain festival, during which many activities and campaigns will be held, including a meeting for antiquities appreciation, a contest for Ceramic Making Skills of Famous Ancient Porcelains, the sixth “China Ru Porcelain Cup” National Calligraphy and Painting Contest, and an international seminar on skills of Chinese Ru porcelains.

In early September, a press conference will be held in Zhengzhou and a welcoming banquet is scheduled for Sept 23. The opening ceremony of the festival is also set for that afternoon.

Meanwhile, an official website is now open to the public for the promotion of the festival. The website,, covers all the festival activities, including updated news of the event, history and culture of the Ru porcelain, tourism and business investment of Ruzhou city, and Ruzhou’s city image.

China Ru Porcelain Festival to be held in Ruzhou,Henan