1st China (International) Porcelain Cultural Festival Preparation Conference held in Ruzhou City

By Yang Feiyue
Updated: 2010-09-13 11:36
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The 1st China (International) Porcelain Cultural Festival Preparation Conference, on Sept. 9, was held in Ruzhou City.

Municipal officials Zhang Liuhua, Liu Guozheng, Wang Yingmin, Wang Qian, Li Shengwei, Guojie, working department minister Zhao Sanzhuang, municipal government party group member Lv Zhanhong, and municipal political consultative conference party member Zhang Guiming were present at the conference.

Zhang Liuhua, deputy secretary of the Ruzhou municipal Party committee, attached great importance to the porcelain festival, and asked all the relevant departments to take it as an opportunity to promote the regional image and influence of Ruzhou, and attract attention from all sides, especially those investors with economic strength.

Zhang also requested a careful and thorough study on the theme of the festival. He expressed wishes to mobilize all parties to plan ahead, and further refine and optimize the scheme, to ensure a high-level and high-quality festival.

The conference was chaired by Wang Yingmin, minister of the Ruzhou Municipal CPC Committee, Standing Committee and Publicity Department. Gu Jie, vice mayor of Ruzhou, began the opening ceremony.

The 1st China (International) Porcelain Cultural Festival is scheduled to open on September 23. Officials at state, provincial and municipal levels will attend. More than 130 media people have signed up for admission. Well-known artists are also invited to perform at the opening ceremony. The organizing committee kindly asks the electric, security, communication, hygiene departments to put up a good performance, and to please ensure a smooth opening ceremony.