China home to 10 million Alzheimer patients

By Tong Hao (China Daily Fujian Bureau)
Updated: 2009-12-01 17:11

China currently has the largest population suffering Alzheimer's disease and other dementia symptoms.

Almost 10 million people have been diagnosed, and the number is growing, said Professor Zhang Zhenxin, Director of Neurological Department, Peking Union Medical College Hospital

He was speaking at the recent 2009 National Anti-aging and Dementia Conference in Fuzhou, capital city of Fujian province.

"The disease rate in China is similar to those in developed countries, but due to China's huge population, the number of people suffering the disease in this country is likely to exceed 26 million by 2040, almost the total number of dementia patients in all the developed countries," said Zhang.

Alzheimer's disease, which mainly affects people over 65 years old, destroys brain cells and leads to abnormality in memory, thought and behavior.