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Tropical storms heading to Fujian
By Hu Meidong and Ding Xueping (China Daily Fujian Bureau)
Updated: 2009-08-06 19:02

Tropical storms Goni and Morakot—the seventh and eighth this year—could have a major impact on Fujian from August 7 to August 8, Fujian's meteorological department announced.

A binary typhoon is expected to form under the double influence of Goni and Morakot but the path and strength of the tropical storms tend to be fickle, according to the meteorological department, which is now closely supervising the movement of the two storms.

Goni increased to a tropical storm at 20:00 on August 3 after taking shape in the South China Sea on August 2. It is now approaching the costal cities of central Guangdong province.

Morakot, formed in the Western Pacific area in the early morning of August 4, is expected to hit Fujian on August 7.

Coastal areas in Fujian have experienced strengthening winds influenced by the outer air circumfluence of the tropical storms. According to the Fujian Provincial Meteorological Station, most Fujian cities will have rain in various degrees between August 4 and 8.