Shaanxi Bureau

Updated: 2008-07-02 15:07

Shaanxi Bureau

Shaanxi Bureau Chief: Lu Hongyan

Tel:029-88326738  13609199899


Address: No.2 blg, Maple Leaf New Park,Gaoxin district,Xi'an,Shaanxi

Post Code: 710075


Established in 1989, China Daily Shaanxi bureau focuses on news reporting and newspaper circulation in Shaanxi. China Daily also owns a print branch in Xi’an, which ensures daily delivery to all foreign-oriented hotels before 7:30am.

Shaanxi is famous in China’s long history. It has been the capital of Zhou, Qin, Tang and 13 other dynasties for 1100 years. Today, China Daily is aiming to fuel the modern development of Shaanxi Province and build up a bridge connecting world and Shaanxi.