S. Korea targets 13 gold medals in Beijing Paralympics

Updated: 2008-08-30 13:40


SEOUL-- South Korea's Paralympics squad targets to win 13 gold medals in upcoming Beijing Paralympic Games, the South Korean Paralympics delegation said at its inaugural ceremony on Friday.

A total of 132 members of the South Korean delegation, including athletes and coaches for 13 events, will leave for Beijing on September 1 to participte in the Paralympic Games, set for September 6 through 17, South Korean official said.

At the ceremony, the delegation said they are aiming for a 14th place finish, with 13 golds, six silvers and seven bronzes.

South Korea placed 16th at the 2004 Athens Paralympics with 11 gold medals.

"I hope all the best for the Paralympic players," said South Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo at the ceremony to more than 300 athletes and family members. "I give you my word that more effort and support will be made in the future to improve the environment for disabled athletes."

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