Emblems of Paralympic Summer Games -- Sydney 2000

Updated: 2008-08-29 15:24



18 - 29 October 2000

Sydney, Australia

The Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games logo embodies the vitality of Sydney, the spirit of Australia and the ability and achievement of the Paralympic athlete. The logo depicts a dynamic human form - represented by three graphic shapes - leaping triumphantly forward and "breaking through" towards the Paralympic Games in 2000. It also portrays the Paralympic torch and echoes the sails of Sydney's greatest landmark, the Opera House.

The logo is cast in three of the unique colours of Australia: the rich blue of Sydney Harbour, the warm red of the earth, and the lush green of the forest. The logo and its colours complement the IPC logo which consists of three Tae-Geuks, in green, red and blue, which symbolise the three most significant components of any human being - Mind, Body, Spirit - the motto adopted by the IPC.

(Credit: IPC. Click here for further information.)

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