About the event
This competition is organized to encourage foreign teachers and students to photograph beautiful schools, cities and locations in China. It is the second time that this kind of event has been held and more than 8,100 schools and companies across the country that have foreign teachers were invited to participate in the competition. Thousands of photos were submitted from October 2014 to January 31, 2015.
  • China Society for Research on International Professional Personnel Exchange and Development (CSRIPED)
  • International Talent Monthly Magazine
Major partner
  • China Daily
Voting rules
Readers can vote for a maximum of 10 nominees. Once votes are submitted they cannot be changed or voted again. The winners will be decided based on the voting results and decisions of the experts panel. The voting will remain until middle of April.
  • Grand Prize, 1 winner, certificate and 2,000 yuan in cash or gifts of the same value.
  • The 1st Prize, 3 winners, certificate and 1,000 yuan in cash or gifts for each winner.
  • The 2nd Prize, 10 winners, certificate and 500 yuan in cash or gifts.
  • The 3rd Prize, 30 winners, certificate and 200 yuan in cash or gifts.
  • Honorary certificates will be rewarded to outstanding participants.
  • Supplemental awards: Each of the above prize-winners will be given a copy of International Talent 2015