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Role of top political advisors in policymaking

CPPCC members have the responsibility to take care of people's needs, by definition their position is political.

Targeted policy needed to promote culture

Has China's attempt to promote its culture abroad, particularly in the West, made enough impact?

Targeted deductions crucial to tax reforms

Raising the individual income tax threshold is always in the public's interest. But since an indiscriminate increase in the threshold will neither be fair nor serve the purpose of China's tax reforms.


More fiscal subsidies needed for broadening coverage of maternity insurance

Proposals nowadays have been responded and some of them are turned into force with a faster pace, according to Sun Jie , member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) committee.

Political advisor calls for the reverse of "culture deficit"

Has Chinese culture's "going out" strategy really worked in global markets, especially in western ones?

Two sessions: Political advisor unlocks mystery of effective proposals

Wang has been a CPPCC member for 15 years and has submitted over 120 proposals during his tenure.


Political adviser: Targeted deductions to ease individual tax burden

Individual income tax reform is the priority in an overhaul of the country’s fiscal and tax system, top accountant Zhang Lianqi, who is a member of the 12th CPPCC National Committee says.

Foreign policy overhaul urged to redefine China’s national interests

China must re-define its national interests under the new circumstances it faces domestically and internationally.

Real estate destocking still a priority for most Chinese cities

Policies aimed at real estate destocking in third and fourth tier cities should remain in place as the number of unsold properties is still high.