With 2016, the debut year of the 13th Five-year Plan (2016-2020), being crucial for the creation of a comprehensive well-being society, what’s your expectation?
You might be hoping for more convenient services, smooth flow of traffic or more secure environment for online shopping. Or you could be hoping for better air quality, lower housing prices and reduced medicine costs. As the NPC and the CPPCC sessions are approaching, GOV.cn, an online platform of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, in cooperation with Chinadaily.com.cn, people.com.cn, xinhuanet.com, CCTV.com, China.org.cn, Sina.com.cn, Weibo.com, qq.com, 163.com and toutiao.com launches an initiative "Ideas I Want to Share with Premier Li Keqiang" to collect suggestions from people to make government work more efficient.
Your comments and suggestions are most welcome! Please join us and submit your suggestions!
Netizen [icwu]
With the red tapes and slow approval processes, I don't think the calls for innovation will come to anything. Innovation means something new, which must be allowed to proceed without hinder. Mistakes and failures will occur and be allowed. Otherwise it's not 'innovation'.
Netizen [TedM]
It seems to me that China has an established and powerful administration (or government). It certainly has a huge and effective executive ...... and improvements to the enforcement of law in a fair and just way is always welcome. In private businesses I have witnessed huge amounts of rules being created and put into place... but it is not long before they are ignored because they are not understood or enforced. Some people still believe that to break rules is clever. Reforms to the rule of law is good but not effective if it is not upheld, with fairness, understanding and justice.
Netizen [TedM]
China has become a leader in IT software/networking... its use in government offices is needed to avoid constant repetition of information and delay, and efficiency.