My view of Chinaphobia

Editorial: Five young Chinese with overseas experience talk about the growing phenomenon of Chinaphobia --fear of a rising china -- and ways to overcome the problem. [Join our discussion]


Zhang Chunman

PhD Candidate

Duan Junting

Project Manager

Daili Wang

PhD Candidate

He Qian

Research Associate

Wen Jian

Engagement manager

Goodbye Chinaphobia, hello China model
Zhang Chunman is a PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins University, US.

Chinaphobia does exist in history and today and Chinaphobia is hurting everyone.

Entering the 21st century, people all around the world are facing more challenges, some of which are old while some are new. This world needs more solutions, not fights, more trust, not doubt. Chinaphobia contributes nothing to the resolution of international problems. But the China model does.

China is tied to the whole world. Countries’ destinies are connected to each other. To make this world better, now is time to say goodbye to sinophobia and welcome the China model.[More]

Chinahobia in UK? Not my experience
Duan Junting is project manager at Xerox and has a master’s degree from University of Bath, UK.

Having studied and lived in UK for five years, I have not experienced any Chinaphobia issues personally. The Chinese are considered to be relatively better educated and people who would work hard to make a living rather than depending on state benefits.

However, China’s fast economy growth and expanding global influence has drawn increasing attention worldwide in recent years, let alone in UK. China’s every big move is closely watched by UK’s mainstream media.[More]

Do you think Chinaphobia really exists?
Yes. No. I don’t care.

To talk out of Chinaphobia
Daili Wang, PhD candidate at Peking University, is an intern at International Monetary Fund, US.

The rise of China, as some may argue, facilitates global economic growth, enriches the diversity of civilization and nurtures hundreds and thousands of global elites. Why is the world panicking?

It is easy to attribute the above phenomenon to the economic and cultural discrepancies between China and the others. Yet one thing we should be aware of is the paucity of necessary communication. "Now it is the time for an interchange of thoughts."[More]

We should make more designed in China
He Qian is a research associate at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, US.

Naturally when China has such a big manufacturing industry, US people will feel the pressure of Chinaphobia. Certain working classes would worry about job security and that one day their work may just be outsourced to China or India, countries with lower labor costs.

It’s true that China's manufacturing industry is delivering the world their necessities. However, are we earning the fame? Not really. We have a label saying Made in China, but we don’t really have many brands that could be recognized by Americans.It’s time we should make more Designed in China.[More]

From Shoe Mart to Dragon Mart
Wen Jian is engagement manager at SCC Contracting, after spending a year in Dubai.

Right after graduation from university in 2008, I was lucky to find a job based in Dubai – the city famous for fantastic buildings. During my stay in Dubai, I didn’t feel any Chinaphobia sentiments at all, but the locals are more and more satisfied with Chinese products.

No one can underestimate China’s development speed. The Chinese people are now catching up and bringing the world its wealth and prosperity.[More]