Libya intervention: Driven by oil or humanitarianism?

By Zhang Xinyi (
Updated: 2011-03-24 11:27
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The military involvement of Western coalitions in the Middle East is closely associated with oil reserves and strategic interests. Iraq was invaded for oil. Now it is Libya.

The Western world was hit hard by the global credit crunch, and now it frequently invades others with bombs and aircraft carriers, and hopes to retain money with bombs or control strategic resources with military strength.

Why is France in the vanguard of the invasion this time? Does the French colonial bond trigger the impulse? Various insider stories are yet to unfold.

The United States withdrew to the second line this time due to the divergence of views among the cabinet members. It is said to a compromise between the realism of the secretary of defense and the idealism of the secretary of state.

It is quite thought-provoking that the final purpose of launching a military offensive against Libya does not lie in the sudden takeover of the government, an official with the U.S. military said on condition of anonymity. Maybe the United States wants to maintain more political choices.

The International environment and the changing internal political and cultural situation resulted in the political turmoil in the Arabic world. Islamic civilization shines brilliantly when it is interwoven with other cultures. From a long-term perspective, the evolution of the Arabic world is merely an endogenous process. It would be best if Western coalition remember the argument of Samuel P. Huntington, an American political scientist, who warned against the risks of political liberalization occurring too rapidly.

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