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Help parents who lose only child

(China Daily)
Updated: 2010-11-26 09:09
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Comment on "Care for parents who lose only child" (Nov 24, China Daily)

Family integrity has been a long-cherished tradition in Chinese society. It is common belief among Chinese that a family without children can be neither complete nor happy.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy for people who are in their middle age and sixties, or even older, is the loss of their only child.

Such a loss will not only deal a tragic blow to aged parents, but also create a negative impact on their daily lives. The condition of such parents who live in rural areas and are financially dependent on their only child will be worse.

The shock leaves desperate parents living in the abyss of distress.

As a humane and harmonious country, China urgently needs to provide more financial subsidies to such families. The authorities should pay more attention to their spiritual needs, too.

Emile, on China Daily website

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