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A strange case of demolition

(China Daily)
Updated: 2010-11-10 07:54
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Unknown people demolished three houses in Hebi, Henan province, one night when the homeowners were away. The three homeowners have offered 10,000 yuan as reward to anyone who helps police catch the culprits, says an article on Excerpts:

Forced demolitions have become an incurable disease. People in charge of evictions have resorted to every conceivable means to threaten residents, pouring acid on houses, releasing snakes or even sending bullets as warnings to homeowners to agree to demolitions.

They even try to cover their misdeeds with explanations that the demolished buildings had been built illegally or were knocked down accidentally.

No one has claimed responsibility for the Hebi demolitions. The reason behind the demolitions, too, is a mystery. The demolitions have even forced the owners to offer a reward to find the culprits, something that has not happened before. But despite all this, houses are still been demolished forcibly.

What is society coming to? How can the dignity of the common people and the image of some local governments be restored is now the question.

(China Daily 11/10/2010 page9)