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Strive for a brighter future

By Zheng Qingyuan (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-10-23 08:07
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The consistency of the three aspects mentioned above, in close association with the period of strategic opportunities, outlines a series of basic characteristics of contemporary China, and presents the responsibilities and mission that we face. It tells us that compared with developed countries and given the ambitious targets we have set, China has a long way to go.

It requires us to firmly stick to the theme of development, tightly grasp and strive to promote development. It reminds us that unless we cherish the precious opportunities and concentrate on construction and development more keenly, we cannot appreciate people's aspirations, grasp the essence of the socialist modernization drive, and fulfill our Party's tasks in governing and rejuvenating the country.

The rare strategic opportunities have provided us with unlimited possibilities. To treasure, grasp and to make good use of the opportunities, we must strive hard and achieve big. How can we fulfill such promises? We can fulfill the promises by always adhering to the principle that development is the ultimate priority, by solving the problems of imbalance, disharmony, and non-sustainability by means of scientific development, and by achieving sound and rapid economic and social development.

In contemporary China, adherence to the principle that development is the ultimate priority boils down to adherence to scientific development. To take scientific development as the theme is to heed the call of the times. Applying the scientific outlook on development to all the aspects of reform and opening-up as well as our modernization drive, learning the law of development in the process of development, innovating ideas of development, transforming the mode of development, resolving conundrums in development, and improving the quality and efficiency of development are important tasks of the CPC, as well as people of all ethnic groups in the country.

The present environment and state of China, as a populous country of 1.3 billion people that has stridden ahead rapidly for more than 30 years, do not allow us to relax or be complacent. During the 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-2010), we successfully coped with the global financial crisis, and such natural disasters as the Wenchuan and Yushu earthquakes, and the Zhouqu landslide.

Such facts prove that without the solid foundation laid over more than 30 years of reform and opening-up, we would not have had the strength to deal with complex situations and to prevent and withstand risks. Plus, it would have been out of the question to retain the CPC's advancement, give play to the superiority of the socialist system and to enrich the people and strengthen the country.

Development is the "master key" to all the problems in China. Our adherence to development as the CPC's top imperative in governing and rejuvenating the country must remain unshaken at any time and under any circumstances. We have fulfilled the targets set for the first two steps of the "three-step" strategy for our modernization drive, and stepped into the second half of the march toward building an all-round xiaokang society.

All kinds of "dilemmas" and deep-seated contradictions have become more prominent. Demands for comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development are growing more urgent. And the task of overall planning and all-round consideration is getting more arduous. At present and for a long time to come, we have to resolve the long-standing and deep-seated contradictions, as well as face constantly emerging new challenges.

Therefore, we need to further deepen our understanding of the laws of developing socialism with Chinese characteristics, and examine problems, resolve conflicts and guide our economic growth from the scientific perspective.

On the historical stage of contemporary China, old obstacles to development have not been fully demolished, a new model of development is still in the process of being formulated, and many weak links are waiting to be overcome. Against the general background of profound changes in the economic system, social structure, pattern of interests, ideas, and the complicated and competing relationships between short- and long-term, and local and overall situations, as well as efficiency and fairness, are putting our ability and wisdom to the test.

To have a clear understanding of the challenges, and to meet and overcome them, we must fully and accurately appreciate the scientific connotations, spiritual essence and the fundamental requirements of the scientific outlook on development. We must place more emphasis on people's well-being, insist on planning and promoting development based on the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, press ahead with social construction centered on improving people's livelihood in a more speedy manner, constantly meet people's growing material and cultural needs, take the path of common prosperity and promote comprehensive human development. And we must ensure that development is for the people, that it depends on the people, and that its fruits are shared by the people.

We must give more importance to comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. In accordance with the overall layout of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we must coordinate and harmonize all the links and aspects of the modernization drive, the relations of production and productivity, superstructure and the economic base, as well as economic development and population, resources and the environment.

We must pay more attention to overall planning and all-round consideration, correctly understand and properly handle major relationships in the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and carefully consider and treat development needs from every aspect. Also, we should correctly reflect and take into account the interests and requirements of all parties, fully mobilize the entire society's enthusiasm for development, and ensure that new and prominent headways are made in scientific development.

Only by this can we lay a more solid foundation for building an all-round xiaokang society, and gather enormous strength for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The road of development is long, and the first few critical steps can define the entire course.

The world economy is undergoing deep changes and adjustments, and competition of comprehensive national strength is getting fiercer. In this competition, the development of each country is like trying to swim against the tide. You either press ahead or fall behind.

History is opening the door of opportunities for us. Whether we always seize the opportunities firmly or not, making good use of the opportunities to promote scientific development is a major test not only of our Party's ability to govern, but also our nation's capability of self-support. It concerns the future and destiny of the Chinese nation, as well as the long-term sustainability of peace and stability. There is no end to development, for which China needs to work harder.

The article first appeared on People's Daily on Oct 21.

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