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In modern era, the elderly can still be employed

Updated: 2010-07-07 16:08
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Comment on "Is China or India aging better?" (China Daily, July 7)

With the increase in technology and mechanization - the need for physical exertion will diminish, and by accommodating for fewer and shorter "working hours" for the physically and mentally fit elderly - the increasing older but still employable and productively active population - may offset the economic effects of zero population growth.

A fit 70-year-old can still fill an administrative, clerical, or supervisory function - provided the working day is shorter, and fewer days of work per week are required. In fact, the continuation of a scaled back working life may be desired by many and may be psychologically and even physically beneficial. Another possibility is "job sharing" - two elderly people splitting the working hours of one full-time employee.

neutral vision, on China Daily website