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Do justice to Chinese migrant workers

Updated: 2010-07-06 17:15
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Comment on "Beijing to limit migrants with enclosed management" (China Daily, July 6)

The label "migrants" does not do justice to these rural workers. It is full of bad connotations.

They are rural Chinese who help develop China's manufacturing and service industries - and thus a major part of Chinese economy. And they deserve better distinction and treatment than those meted out by their urban comrades.

And remember, it was these rural Chinese who played a major and significant role in the liberation of China! And thus New China!

They helped in the revolution, and they also helped boost the Chinese economy. This is no mean feat!

And they are no less intelligent or educated than their urban comrades if the same opportunities are given to them.

China's rapid urbanization is one answer. Perception must change now to accommodate our rural comrades to share in the country's prosperity and advancement.

Helen, on China Daily website