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Some ideas to improve crowd control in Expo 2010

Updated: 2010-07-05 17:04
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I suggest these ideas to improve, and make the coming of age party more fun for Chinese from China, and visitors from overseas.

1. Have terminals in various location of the Expo to issue queue ticket to direct visitors to the next available pavilion in the Expo site.

2. Check the CCTV video, and estimate the average time each visitors take on each of the 200 pavilion. Check pedestrian traffic, and place appropriate rest points, food point, toilet to visitors.

3. Create short queues for allocated time, and let in entire groups of people assembled quickly.

4. Have lots of courtesy lady officers to help foreigners, local outstation Chinese on how to use terminals etc.

5. Adjust daily visitors ticket sales to ensure the Expo staff can cope.

Once in a lifetime visit for many Chinese, let's make it pleasant!

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