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Mutual respect and embracing differences needed to crush racism

Updated: 2010-06-29 11:18
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Comment on "'White-first' mentality still haunts many in China"(, June 25)

I am Australian, my wife is Chinese, and she has a son (16). My experiences in China to date have been good. Yet, all the negatives I have read in the comments have an element of truth. All the positives also have an element of truth. I was very disappointed when my wife and son came to Australia with me in 2007 to find racism alive and well. I had read about it but never seen it firsthand till then (sheltered life perhaps, or more likely a reflection of the people I mix with). I put it down to fear of the unknown and relentless anti-Chinese propaganda for the last 60 years. Also, a fear of having our culture swamped. I therefore found it interesting that many of the negative comments on the article by Chinese were also racist and show that it is alive and well in China as well. It is, of course, a human trait based on ignorance and fear. There is a fear in China, it seems, of being swamped by Western culture. Fair enough. In this increasingly connected world, retaining a unique national character will become increasingly difficult. I think the answer is mutual respect and embracing any differences as good and positive. As a matter of interest, I was extremely fortunate to marry my wife. Yet it was Chinese macho culture that allowed it to happen. Her husband had died, leaving her with a son. She is beautiful, well-educated and strong. Yet no male she met wanted to marry her if she had a son. Your loss, my gain. As I said above, let's stick to mutual respect. Let the little people, of all nations, with hatred in their small hearts sink into the mire of their own inadequacy.

Kaixin, on China Daily Website