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Maintain social values

(China Daily)
Updated: 2010-06-17 08:24
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Promoting scandals in the name of entertainment is a challenge to the basic values of society, says an article in Modern Express. Excerpts:

One characteristic of modern society is tolerance of non-mainstream opinions and Chinese society is no exception to that. Switch on the TV, and you can see programs driven by sheer commercial interests being aired. They are silent testimony to the cultural pluralism of our society.

But some programs presented in the name of entertainment violate all norms of decency and social morality.

Recently, several mainland editions of nude photograph scandals were telecast, which instead of shaming the women involved have increased their popularity and turned them into minor celebrities. Such programs may be successful, but they abuse the precious qualities of emotion and trample upon the sense of shame.

Pluralism should not be used as an excuse to challenge the basic social value or morality.

(China Daily 06/17/2010 page9)