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It is time for Japan to re-engage with Asia

Updated: 2010-06-01 16:11
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Comment on "China, Japan agree to reestablish hotline between premiers" ( May 31)

Japan must turn around, shed off its Western image and be more Japanese. It needs to be proud again but not as before like having a samurai mentality. Most importantly, Japan must see itself independent of the USA and its stranglehold. Japan must determine its own path and future.

Japan's future? Japan has a future and that is with Asia and China, not with the USA. As things look, the USA is holding back Japan's future. With Japan's 'inborn' innovation and creative ability, Japan should have been a top country, much better than its present position.

China and Japan have much in common but because of politics, the relationship could not move faster and better. Historical matters, territorial disputes, suspicions and fear are the obstacles to better ties.

Both countries see the need to improve ties, trade and political relations. Trade and politics go hand in hand. One cannot realistically have good trade relations without good political relations. Good political relations can only be possible when mistrust and disputes are removed while understanding and respect are enhanced. So when negatives are already in place, it takes great efforts on the part of leaders to meet regularly and try to reach agreement.

Today, China, ROK and Japan are meeting. It will be fruitful when leaders show maturity, frankness, good faith and other positive attributes in their talk.

I wish all our leaders' success and that Asia will one day find unity and peace.

Asia for Asians, unite for true peace and growth.

HsunTze on China Daily website.