Beijingers vexed on keeping car ban

Updated: 2008-08-31 11:24


More than 400,000 Beijingers have joined an online discussion about whether to keep a pre-Games car ban.

Nearly half of them supported a permanent car restriction -- an alternating odd-even license plate system from July 20. While the others, mostly car owners, opposed.

Cars with even number plates run on road in Beijing, in this July 20, 2008 file photo. [Agencies] 


Clear air, clean water and safe food, among all other good things, left local residents with not only an "exceptional" Olympics but a keen concern about the Games' "green legacy" which featured blue skies.

"I support a long-term car restriction. We have made some mistakes in the past. Now we should correct them and return blue skies to our children," wrote a netizen named He Luzhu in the forum on www.ynet.com, the portal site of Beijing Youth Daily.

Air pollution and jammed traffic emerged key problems in 2001 for Beijing's bid to play host the 2008 Summer Olympics