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Nigerian reporter hit by paralysis while covering Olympics

Updated: 2008-08-08 00:07


BEIJING --A Nigerian journalist was hit by paralysis here on Thursday while he was writing stories in the Olympic Main Press Center (MPC).

The reporter, named Edwin Diala Akalonu, received emergent treatment by a Chinese doctor at the MPC's medical center, and was preliminarily diagnosed as suffering from hemiplegia.

Akalonu, from Nigeria's Vanguard newspaper, felt unwell on Thursday afternoon with his hands ceaselessly shaking. He was then supported by two volunteers to the medical center for help.Chinese doctor Wang Xingwen carried out nerve examination for him, and examined him as suffering hemiplegia on left side caused by stroke to right hemisphere.

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"I have confidence on the Chinese doctors. I hope I'll get well as soon as possible and get back to the Olympic reporting," the 40-year-old told Xinhua before being carried on an ambulance towards designated Anzhen Hospital for further treatment.

Doctor Wang said Akalonu would receive an all-round examination in the Anzhen Hospital, including Magnetic resonance, brain wave and haematological check-up.

Akalonu arrived in Beijing in early August together with his two colleagues to cover the Olympics. He had suffered from high blood pressure before.

He was among a total of 826 patients treated by Chinese doctors at the MPC medical center, which offers round-the-clock service for journalists, volunteers and service staff.

The medical center involves 20 experienced medical staff, and is equipped with leading devices such as absorptiometry and electrocardiogram instruments.

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