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Gardeners make city bloomin' beautiful
By Wang Bo
China Daily Staff Writer
Updated: 2008-08-07 08:50


Gardener Yang Lipeng's green fingers have been working overtime for the past three weeks, as he and his colleagues have slowly transformed Tian'anmen Square into a sea of color.

Hundreds of horticulturalists have braved the searing heat to deliver, plant and arrange thousands of flowers in the massive space.

"I was so glad to see the finished displays," Yang said on Tuesday.

"This is the one thing I can contribute to the Olympics."

Laborers work on a One World One Dream flower decoration at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, capital of China, July 29, 2008, just 10 days to the opening of the Olympic Games. Flower terraces themed Beijing 2008 Olympics decorate Tiananmen Square to add festive atmosphere of the great event. [Xinhua]

But completing the huge floral decorations is only part of Yang's work. Now, he and his co-workers have to keep them looking beautiful for the next three months.

"We have to keep a close eye on the flowers and make sure they're watered," he said.

Each display has a watering system, which makes things a lot easier, he said.

Thanks to countless local gardeners like Yang, Beijing, on the eve of the Olympics, is alive with color. More than 40 million plants have been arranged along roads, around Olympic venues and in public areas like Tian'anmen Square.

Yang said seeing tourists taking pictures of them is all the reward he needs.

Beijinger Luo Yuxia said she loves visiting Tian'anmen.

"My son has great fun here. It's not only a good spot for tourists, but also a great hangout for local people."

Many visitors are drawn to the giant Beijing Olympic logo in the center of the square, which makes the perfect backdrop for a snapshot.

On Tuesday, a group of children dressed in "I Love China" T-shirts were gathered there. They were all middle school students from Sichuan province who are temporarily studying in Beijing.

"Tian'anmen Square was one of my must-see places," student Ye Hongxing from Pengzhou county said.

"I've been dreaming about coming here for so long."

Zhao Kaijun from Beijing Flowers and Trees Corp, the company responsible for the floral decorations, said the displays will remain in place until National Day in October.

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