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Olympic sailing venue intensifies port surveilance

Updated: 2008-08-06 13:55


BEIJING -- Ships visiting or leaving the port of Qingdao, venue of the Olympic sailing event in east China, were under strict safety checks, an official said here Wednesday.

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Cargo vessels, especially passenger ships, were undergoing intensified examinations while passing through the port, He Jianzhong, spokesman of the Ministry of Transport, told a press conference at the 2008 Beijing International Media Center.

Local maritime affairs authority has dispatched 62 patrol boats to monitor or provide maintenance services in the water area.

To maintain smooth port traffic, local maritime affairs administration has been restricting the number of entering ships and their navigation speed.

The measures will continue during the sailing tournament, which is scheduled on August 9-21, to ensure a safe sports environment as well as normal maritime transportation at the busy port, said He.

The spokesman said all ships for traffic, maintenance and first-aid services have been in place since August 1.

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