Olympic Village opens, Chinese delegation checks in

Updated: 2008-07-27 11:23


BEIJING - Part of the Chinese delegation started to check in at the Olympic Village early Sunday morning when the Village opened to athletes from all over the world for the Beijing Olympic Games.

There are about 300 athletes and coaches who are from ten national teams including wrestling, judo, track and field, handball, gymnastics, men's basketball, field hockey, weightlifting, swimming and badminton, said Chinese Olympic Committee official Wang Cheng.

China sends a 1,099-member delegation to the Beijing Olympic Games, its largest ever delegation to the Olympic Games, including 639 athletes. The Beijing Games will kick off on August 8.

Olympic Village mayor Chen Zhili (R) and Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 Olympic Games (BOCOG) President Liu Qi attend the launching ceremony of Olympic Village July 27, 2008. The Olympic Village was officially opened on Sunday and Chinese sports delegation entered the village. [Xinhua]

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