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The 'basketball girl' diaries
By Matt Hodges

Updated: 2008-06-06 11:25


"I used to envy my classmates a lot. After school, they always went back home running and jumping, but I can't do that. But when I'm in the water, I'm the same as them, and this is the reason why I love swimming."

"It's very difficult to keep my balance in the water because I don't have legs, so my bottom swings around. That's the biggest problem for me."

These days she uses artificial limbs at times, which she needs to change every year, but she prefers the basketball.

"I also need to change it every five or six months, because it gets rubbed down when I'm walking.

"If one day I grow too big to live inside it, I'll just use a wheelchair. But the wheelchair is so inconvenient. I can't get up the stairs in it."

At the end of the day, she will do whatever it takes to make her stronger.

"I want to win medals, a lot of gold medals, the more the better. Right now my only dream is the Olympics (Paralympics)."

In this regard, China's little mermaid is no different from the rest of its athletes.

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