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Spielberg slashed by Chinese, but his movies still admired
Updated: 2008-02-17 21:56


BEIJING - The Chinese people have expressed their bafflement and disappointment these days over Hollywood director Steven Spielberg's quit from 2008 Beijing Olympics, but they still admire the Oscar winner's artistic achievements.

"Mr Spielberg knows nothing about China's endeavor to solve the Darfur issue...He is unqualified to blame the Chinese government," according to a commentary published on Saturday's Guangming Daily, one of China's leading newspaper.

The world-renowned American movie director announced to quit the coming Olympics on Wednesday, citing concerns over the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, which he linked to the Chinese government.

Many Chinese said they were shocked by Spielberg's announcement and deemed it "unacceptable" when the news first came out. The criticism is continuing.

"The person is completely live in his Sci-Fi world and can not distinguish dream from reality," said a commentary on Saturday's China Youth Daily.

On China's major websites, such as,,, and, the news was followed by thousands of comments. Internet users wrote in their blogs to express their discontentment.

They criticized Spielberg as a person who failed to keep his word and slashed the action of linking politics with the sports event

Jiang Bojing, from northern Hebei province, said in an online forum that Spielberg was used as a tool by some people in the West who want to take advantage of Beijing Olympics to attack China.

"Mr. Spielberg should not use Olympics as an opportunity to make indiscreet political remarks on China," Jiang said.

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